Screenshot of the Aptoide game store iOS

Credit: Aptoide
  • Aptoide’s game store for iOS launches tomorrow. EU-based iPhone users can now join the waitlist to request access.
  • The company will be rewarding in-app purchase (IAP) customers by offering them bonuses of up to 10%.
  • Aptoide has also built the first Apple-approved, third-party IAP software development kit (SDK) for iOS developers.

For over a decade, many Android users seeking Google Play Store alternatives have relied on Aptoide. Now that a recent iOS update has enabled third-party app store support in the EU, the company is launching a similar product for iPhone users. Unlike its Android counterpart, Aptoide on iOS will be a dedicated game store — rather than a generic, all-encompassing app marketplace.

Through a press release, Aptoide today announced that it’s launching the first third-party game store on iOS. Starting tomorrow, invited EU-based users can download the new marketplace to their iPhones. To receive an invite, you could either join the 20,000-person waitlist or ask an invited friend for a code. The company will be admitting 500 to 1,000 new users every day, so, at this pace, the waitlist should be cleared within a month or so.