Lineage OS Logo on OnePlus 8 Pro

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Lineage OS has been updated to Android 14 with the release of Lineage OS 21.
  • Lineage OS 21 brings a new gallery app called Glimpse and improves the look and functionality of several other stock apps.
  • Custom ROM builds with the new update are available for hundreds of devices.

Android custom ROMs are extremely useful for supporting devices that are no longer being supported by the phone OEM. One of the most popular custom ROMs is Lineage OS, and it is installed on a wide variety of Android devices. With Android 14 here and all settled, it was time for Lineage OS to get a platform, and it got just that and more with the new Lineage OS 21 update.

Lineage OS 21 is based on the latest Android 14 QPR 1 release and includes all security patches up to February 2024. So, if you install Lineage OS 21 on a supported phone, you will get the latest of Android right now.