Spotify stock photo 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Several new prompts and UI elements related to Spotify Hifi were spotted recently, indicating that the feature is still being worked on.
  • Spotify announced Hifi in 2021, but the lossless music feature has not been released yet, even though rivals have offered the same feature for some time now.

Spotify has been staring at an upgrade to lossless music for what feels like ages, but the update has still not arrived. Announced back in September 2021, Spotify HiFi was going to be a new lossless streaming tier launching by the end of 2021. We’re in May 2024, and HiFi is clearly not here. Rumors pointed to a rebrand of HiFi to a $20-a-month “Supremium” plan that would be an upgrade over Spotify Premium, but we’re not there either. If you are still hopefully holding onto the dream of lossless audio from Spotify, Spotify HiFi continues to be spotted in UI leaks, indicating that it’s still alive.

Redditor  OhItsTom has shared screenshots that show a few dialog prompts and system settings related to Spotify HiFi. The HiFi feature is not available yet, but some of the UI elements could be forcefully surfaced.