Google Pixel 6 Pro

Credit: Google
  • A leaker claims to know how many Google Pixel 6 updates will land for the phone.
  • The leaker claims it will see five years of security patches and four major Android upgrades.
  • If true, that would mean the Pixel 6 might see Android 16 in 2025.

Over the past few months, we’ve learned so much about the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. One of the earliest rumors we heard was related to how many years of security patches the phones would see, which we believe to be five years. Of course, security patches aren’t the same as full Android version upgrades, and we’ve been in the dark on that for all this time.

Thankfully, frequent leaker “Snoopy” on Twitter claims to have the answer. According to the leaker, Google could deliver four Android upgrades alongside the five years of Google Pixel 6 updates. Theoretically, that would mean the Pixel 6 would land with Android 12, and then see Android 13 in 2022, Android 14 in 2023, Android 15 in 2024, and Android 16 in 2025. It would then reach its end-of-life in 2026 when it receives its final security patch.