The SteelSeries Arctis Prim gaming headset lays on a desk next to a HyperX mechanical gaming keyboard and a Logitech gaming mouse.

  • Jabra’s parent company GN has acquired gaming company SteelSeries.
  • SteelSeries expects the acquisition to accelerate is hardware and software production.

GN Store Nord will acquire gaming peripheral company SteelSeries. The merger will finalize in 2022, and will allow GN to have a stake in the burgeoning gaming accessories industry. While this expands GN’s portfolio, the powerhouse is no stranger to audio hardware. It has its hands in both the personal audio and hearing aid industries with Jabra and ReSound, respectively.

SteelSeries’ press release makes clear that the gaming company will retain its brand identity, and intends to increase its output with the financial backing of GN. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries has an impressive catalog of gaming headsets. SteelSeries’ presence is inescapable in the world of Esports, with teams like FaZe Clan and Team OG using its products.