Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 google discover

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Google News and Google Discover are facing a service outage.
  • The content stream that serves new content to Google News and allied services like Google Discover and the Discover feed in Google Chrome is likely affected, which is why all of these services are impacted and cannot serve new content.
  • We’ve reached out to Google for a statement and more information.

Google Discover is a key component of how Google delivers timely content to Android users. It resides on the left of the main home screen and is populated with news content alongside other content types. Google Discover has content that overlaps with Google News, which can be accessed through the dedicated tab in Google Search on mobile or web. If you relied on Google News or Google Discover, you will notice that neither of these services is currently working. It’s not just you: It seems both Google News and Google Discover are facing an outage.

As spotted by Seroundtable, the Google News tab is not returning results, seemingly due to an outage. The outage extends to the Google Discover home page, which is no longer showing any news content and is instead falling back to commercial content elements like shopping items. Google Trends also appears to have been impacted.