Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 unfolded screen on

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • Google apparently tested its foldable phone software on a Galaxy Z Fold 2 before launching the Pixel Fold.
  • The prototype device named “Jumbojack” is apparently up for sale online.
  • Images show it’s running an early version of Android 12L.

Back when Android 12.1 wasn’t a thing, and the Pixel Fold wasn’t a thing, there were reports of a foldable Google device codenamed “Jumbojack.” References to the in-folding phone were found directly in the Android 12.1 code. The device was reportedly meant for internal use only and was being used as a tester. Now, someone has apparently put Jumbojack on sale, and it’s actually a modified Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.