I’ve used virtually every major streaming platform over the years but ultimately I settled on Android TV as my platform of choice. While it isn’t perfect, it suits my needs well, and I love that I can switch between using the streamer with a remote or casting content from my Android phone. For the past few years, we’ve been a Chromecast with Google TV family. That changes with the arrival of the Onn 4K Pro.

The Onn 4K Pro packs a ton of features unavailable on the Chromecast with Google TV, and yet it retails for the same price. But is the Onn 4K Pro really a better deal than the Chromecast with Google TV? Based on my time with it so far, I think that for many, the answer will be yes. But before you run out and buy it, you need to fully understand what you’re getting into with a value brand product like this.