OnePlus troll 2021

  • The official OnePlus Twitter account shared a teaser that appears to show a OnePlus foldable or possibly dual-display phone.
  • The tweet includes the exact same time and date as Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event at which it will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3.
  • It turns out that OnePlus was showing two OnePlus 9 phones for a new promotion.

Update: August 11, 2021 (11:25 AM ET): Well, it turns out that OnePlus was simply trolling Samsung rather than announcing a foldable phone or second screen case of its own. The company posted a tweet and video simply revealing that you can get the OnePlus 9 for 50% off (hence showing two phones). Check out the video below.

Buying a OnePlus 9 at a 50% discount is a great deal, it must be said. But this seems like a ham-fisted way to go about advertising the promotion. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Original article: August 10, 2021 (1:33 PM ET): Just now, on Twitter, the official OnePlus account shared something pretty enigmatic. The tweet includes a video clip of what appears to be a foldable phone or, possibly, a dual-display phone. The tweet’s text simply reads “8.11 10am ET.”

Eagle-eyed tech fans will quickly recognize that time/date as being the same as Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. So what’s going on here? is there a OnePlus foldable coming tomorrow? Or is OnePlus just trolling?

Check out the tweet and video below:

So far, we have seen zero leaks related to a OnePlus foldable or dual-display device. OnePlus isn’t the best at keeping secrets, so we’re inclined to believe that this is some simple trolling. Perhaps the company whipped together a dual-display mockup to make it look like a Galaxy Z Fold 3? But why? Is OnePlus trying to say that Samsung’s foldable phones are just as good as two OnePlus phones smooshed together?

So far, OnePlus hasn’t explained the tweet in any way. We’ll need to wait and see how this pans out. For now, we’re going to chalk it up as some (patently unfunny) trolling. However, who knows: maybe OnePlus has a big announcement tomorrow to fight against Samsung’s event.