Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max camera close

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • A leak suggests the iPhone 16 Pro Max could have a telephoto lens with a very high focal length.
  • A machine translation says it could be a “periscope ultra-telephoto,” suggesting a focal length over 300mm.
  • Combined with a rumored sensor increase, the telephoto could be the one to beat in 2024.

For years now, iPhones have lagged way behind Android when it comes to camera zoom. One of the main reasons for this is that many Android flagships have what’s known as periscope zoom lenses. These lenses use mechanical movements to recreate a “real” camera lens and allow for lossless zoom images.

We expect Apple to finally catch up to Android by launching the first iPhone with a periscope lens in 2023. That phone will be the iPhone 15 Pro Max, or iPhone 15 Ultra, as some rumors suggest. Now, though, we have a rumor that the 2024 top-end iPhone could bump things up even more regarding zoom. Prominent leaker Digital Chat Station (h/t MacRumors) says we can expect big upgrades for the iPhone 16 Pro Max (or iPhone 16 Ultra, take your pick).