Apple Music Library stock photo

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • A recent iOS update stops users from relying on their iPhone’s physical buttons to control the volume of media they’re casting to other devices.
  • The change has sparked outrage on online forums, especially among users actively using the Spotify Connect feature.
  • Interestingly, the Apple Music and TV Remote apps still offer the aforementioned volume privilege that third-party apps had to drop.

It’s no secret that Apple sometimes disadvantages third-party developers by giving itself special privileges — or taking away some of their existing ones. Following a recent iOS update, likely iOS 17.4, users casting media to other devices can no longer control the volume using their iPhone’s physical buttons. This has sparked outrage on Reddit and the Spotify Community forums, as many users actively relied on the now-removed option.

According to a Spotify Community moderator, a recent iOS change has stopped the music streaming app from using the iPhone’s volume buttons to control Spotify Connect devices. They stated: “Due to updates on iOS, Spotify users no longer can use their iPhone’s volume controls to change the volume on connected speakers. Instead, please use the volume slider in the device menu.”