AirPods Pro 2nd generation Siri iPhone

Credit: Lily Katz / Android Authority
  • Apple will reportedly rely on the Secure Enclave in its M2 Ultra and M4 chips to process cloud AI requests without compromising users’ privacy.
  • Beyond the short-term iOS 18 AI goals, the company could depend on its private data centers to power sleeker wearables.

WWDC24 kicks off in just ten days, and Apple is expected to reveal the AI features coming to iOS 18 during its opening keynote. While some of these additions may be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and work offline, the more advanced offerings may rely on Apple’s cloud solutions. According to a recent report, the Cupertino firm has managed to secure its cloud processing mechanism, and user data may always remain encrypted.

As per a report from The Information, Apple’s data centers may keep users’ data confidential even when processing it. Typically, servers have to decrypt user information to process it for AI functionality. By relying on the Secure Enclave in the M2 Ultra and M4 chips, Apple may have found a way to avoid decrypting the data altogether.