Siri on Apple iPhone 12 Mini stock photo 3

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • The upcoming iOS 18 AI features reportedly won’t be as powerful as those offered by some rival companies.
  • Apple could adopt a hybrid approach for its AI offerings, including on-device processing, its own cloud solutions, and third-party partnerships.
  • The firm is worried that iPhone users may shrug off its new AI features and not use them at all.

When Apple introduces new iPhone features, it typically includes innovative twists that build upon its rivals’ existing ideas. However, the case with iOS 18’s AI offerings may be different, as the company has been lagging behind and may fail to impress power users. While Apple’s AI approach may be more private, it seemingly won’t be superior.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is concerned that users may dismiss its upcoming AI features on iOS 18. The company is reportedly playing catch-up with companies like Google and OpenAI, and its in-house AI offerings may not be as impressive.