Apple WWDC 2024 ios control center 6

Credit: Apple
  • iOS 18 will bring a new Quick Settings-like feature to the Control Center. You’ll also be able to add custom controls to the lockscreen.
  • Control Center is also getting new grouped control sections for Home devices and media playback.
  • These new controls will also support 3rd party apps that integrate with the Control API.

Control Center is getting a major new revamp in time for iOS 18. The redesigned experience is all about customization. Just like we are seeing from the new Home Screen revamp, this whole experience is going to feel pretty familiar to Android users.

There are new groups of controls for media playback, and Home devices, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top-right edge. There’s also a new Controls gallery that lets you add your own custom controls, including those from select third-party apps. This could include controls for adjusting car settings,  a thermostat, or really just any function as long as it is designed to work with the new Control API.