• A phone called Xeta One is in the crowdfunding stage.
  • It’s a QWERTY phone that cannibalized the LG Wing, one of LG’s last smartphones.
  • You should definitely not back this phone’s crowdfunding campaign, but it’s interesting to look at.

One of the final phones from LG before its unfortunate exit from the smartphone industry was the LG Wing. This innovative Android phone featured a swivel mechanism similar to what we saw on the T-Mobile Sidekick back in the late aughts. When swiveled, the main display would go landscape and reveal another smaller display underneath. Ostensibly, LG produced a lot of those phones before it threw in the towel. What happened to them?

Well, now we know at least some of them have been cannibalized to make a truly bizarre QWERTY phone called Xeta One. Created in South Korea (LG’s home turf), this phone takes the smaller inner display of the Wing, slaps a BlackBerry keyboard on it (complete with optical trackpad, possibly from the BlackBerry Q20), and powers the whole thing with Android.