A Galaxy Watch 4 Classic represents Samsung's 2021 wearable with a rotating bezel.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Kaitlyn Cimino

It’s that time of year when the next best thing in wearables isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s right around the corner. For Samsung, all eyes are on the trickle of leaks linked to the Galaxy Watch 6. We’ve seen model numbers and we’ve seen potential specs, but the most exciting rumor to catch my attention is that of a possible rotating bezel. The fan-favorite feature hasn’t been seen on wrists since 2021’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and was completely absent in last year’s lineup. If Samsung reincarnates the rotating bezel on the incoming Galaxy Watch 6, I’ll be hard-pressed not to upgrade.

As the smudges across my tablet suggest, I’m not shy when it comes to touchscreens. On a smartwatch, however, the significantly smaller target area often results in miss-taps and frustration, especially if I’m already winded from a workout I never felt like starting.