spotify niche mix close up

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Ryan Haines

Are you familiar with the term “goblincore?” I wasn’t, but Spotify decided it was the perfect phrase to introduce me to its Niche Mix feature. I laughed. I showed my colleagues here at Android Authority, and they laughed. Then, I looked up the term goblincore and found that it’s an aesthetic based on parts of nature not traditionally considered beautiful, like snails, moss, and mushrooms. I laughed a little more and wondered why Spotify chose this example to bring me into the world of hyper-specific playlists. Only after all of this laughing and research did I finally listen to the playlist and decide that, honestly, maybe Spotify Niche Mixes are onto something.

Wait, what’s a Spotify Niche Mix?

spotify niche mix list close up