Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck (4)

Credit: Caviar
  • Caviar has launched a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck model.
  • The phone is limited to 99 units and costs $8,800 at the low end.
  • You can save 15% (or $1,320, nearly the price of a normal S24 Ultra) by paying in cryptocurrency.

Every year, we see a handful of modded smartphones from luxury brand Caviar. The company takes existing phones and makes them “better” by slapping a bunch of extra stuff onto the chassis, usually sourced from expensive materials, such as gold. As such, it was only a matter of time before we saw a modded Galaxy S24 Ultra — but we certainly didn’t expect anything like this.

Caviar’s Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck model is, in brief, jaw-dropping (h/t Droid-Life). While it clearly delivers what you’d expect, it looks so awful that you wonder why anyone would spend even the list price on it, let alone the nearly 7x markup Caviar is asking for.