DolphiniOS screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • The developers behind a GameCube and Wii emulator for iOS have revealed that it isn’t coming to the App Store.
  • The team said that Apple’s refusal to offer JIT recompilation is the reason why the app won’t appear on the storefront.
  • JIT recompilation is an important feature to boost performance in demanding apps like emulators.

Console emulators have long been barred from the App Store by Apple, but the company finally allowed these apps earlier this month. We’ve already seen the great Delta emulator for retro Nintendo consoles coming to the App Store, but you shouldn’t expect GameCube and Wii emulators on the storefront any time soon.

The team behind the DolphiniOS emulator, a fork of the popular Dolphin emulator, has revealed in a blog post (h/t: 9to5Mac) that it can’t bring its app to the App Store due to technical restrictions. More specifically, Apple doesn’t allow apps to use just-in-time (JIT) recompilation, which is a performance-boosting software technique.