Android 12 Easter Egg hero

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • The Android 12 Easter egg now appears through its usual method in the fourth beta of the software.
  • The Easter egg involves turning a clock to 12:00 for a Material You surprise.
  • It will look different depending on your wallpaper and other color tweaks.

Every year, Android fans anxiously wait for the latest Easter egg surprise within the software. In 2021, we’ve seen a ton of beta releases of Android 12 but still no Easter egg.

That changes with the fourth beta of the operating system. Now we can access the hidden treat in the usual fashion (steps will be below).

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Unsurprisingly, the Easter egg involves Google’s new design ethos known as Material You. When you activate the surprise, it will create a splash of color that connects with the color scheme Android has chosen as related to your wallpaper. That means it could look different for pretty much everyone.

Check out an example of what it looks like below as well as steps for how you can see it for yourself.

Android 12 Easter egg: How to see it and what it looks like

  1. Head to Android settings from either the app drawer or the gear icon in your notification shade.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings list and find About Phone.
  3. Within About Phone, find your Android version. This can be in a different spot depending on your Android skin.
  4. Tap on your Android version repeatedly until the Easter egg starts!

If you do everything correctly, you should see a layout similar to the screenshots below:

The way you get the Android 12 logo to appear is by moving the clock hand to 12:00 (for Android 12, get it?). Check the video below if you’re having trouble.

Remember that this will look different for everyone. Our background here is red which is why that’s the color scheme of the animations. If the background were blue or a photograph, it would be a whole selection of different colors. Change your wallpaper and then run through the steps again to see a different result!