Midjourney AI iPhone food image 11

  • A Reddit user has shared a set of compelling bad food photos, but all of them were generated by AI.
  • The Redditor has shared the prompt that they used to generate these photos in Midjourney, and it’s easy to recreate the same effects for some impressive iPhone-like AI food photos.

AI image generators are one of the most prominent ways we can use AI in our lives. Feed in a text prompt to get an image that fulfills your needs. But there is quite some level of skill involved in getting a good AI image out of an AI image generator, and you’ll need a fair few attempts to craft a great prompt that works out for you. If you ever wanted to create AI images that look shockingly deceptive, here’s a prompt that can get you some very convincing iPhone-like results with Midjourney.

Redditor MagicJourknees posted this set of images on Reddit with the caption, “My GF puts raisins on EVERYTHING! Is this normal!?”