• YouTuber MKBHD has posted a short video showing off the Nothing Phone 2.
  • In the clip, you can see the phone from all angles and can also see some features working.
  • Earlier today, we shared images captured with a Phone 2 as compared to a Phone 1.

The Nothing hype machine has been churning quite vigorously today. Earlier this morning, Carl Pei opened the floodgates allowing anyone currently testing the Nothing Phone 2 under an NDA to go ahead and post unedited camera samples. Since we have a Phone 2, we posted some images as they compare to the Nothing Phone 1. You can check those out in our Phone 2 vs Phone 1 camera comparison.

Now, YouTuber Marques Brownlee — aka MKBHD — has posted a video clip showing off the Phone 2. In the clip, which we’ve mirrored above, you can see the phone from all sides. Brownlee even shows how the new layout of The Glyph is customizable.