• Android 15 will introduce a new Private Space feature that creates a separate profile for hiding apps.
  • Google has been working on this feature since last year, and we recently showed off its new setup process and settings toggles.
  • Now, we can show off the Private Space feature in full before it has even launched.

Experts recommend setting a strong screen lock on your smartphone to prevent other people from accessing your data, but you may want also to enable an additional layer of security in case you have to hand your phone over to someone else. The Samsung Secure Folder feature offers an encrypted storage space for your files and apps, but it’s only available on Galaxy devices. Stock Android doesn’t currently offer a feature like Secure Folder, but that’s set to change with the upcoming Android 15 update.

Android 15 will introduce a new feature called Private Space, which is similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder. Although Google hasn’t announced this feature yet, we have gained an early look at it. Here’s what it’s like!