• Google is preparing to tweak the Pixel Launcher’s animations and feature set in Android 15.
  • The Pixel Launcher app powers the home screen and recents screen on Pixel phones.
  • There’s a new swipe-to-home animation that’s snappier, a new title bar in the recents screen, widget recommendations, and more.

The app that powers your phone’s home screen is called a launcher, and thanks to Android’s customizability, there are a lot of Android home screen launchers from which to choose. Most people stick with the default home screen launcher, which in the case of Google’s Pixel phones is called the Pixel Launcher. The Pixel Launcher may not be as customizable as, say, Nova Launcher, but it continues to add new features with every Android release. The upcoming Android 15 update will be no exception, as the new release is preparing to tweak several aspects of the app launching experience.

For starters, Google is preparing to tweak the animation that plays when you swipe up on an app to return to the home screen. The new animation is faster, springier, and better highlights the wallpaper zoom effect. Here’s a screen recording that compares the swipe-to-home animation in Android 14 versus Android 15 Beta 1.