Helium Mobile Group Plans Promo Image

Credit: Helium
  • Helium Mobile is rolling out support for group plans.
  • Each line of a group plan has the same $20-per-month cost as an individual plan.
  • Unfortunately, each person added to a group needs to be a new member, although this will change in the future.

Late last year, a young company called Helium Mobile stepped out of early access and into nationwide coverage. The company is a decentralized mobile network, meaning it is designed to work on individually owned and operated nodes rather than traditional cell towers. As a fallback solution, users connect with T-Mobile towers when Wi-Fi and the decentralized network aren’t available.

Helium’s entry to the scene was exciting, but it lacked a core tenet of mobile service: group plans. Today, the company is rectifying that by rolling out group plan support for up to eight lines.