Google Pixel 6 Pro Hands On Prototype

Credit: Twitter
  • A Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video just hit Twitter.
  • The brief video shows a prototype model that looks nearly identical to what we expect the retail models to look like.
  • Assuming there are no drastic differences between this and the final product, this is our best look yet at the Pixel 6 Pro.

Although Google has already shown us its upcoming slate of flagships, we haven’t seen them “in the flesh,” so to speak. Aside from the glassed-in immovable models on display in New York City, all we’ve seen are renders.

That changes today…sort of. On Twitter, M. Brandon Lee shared a prototype Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video. The model is definitely not a retail unit — the logo on the back is a dead giveaway. However, it looks to be a late-stage prototype and could very well be a dead ringer for the models we’ll see in stores later this year.

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Check out the video embedded in the tweet below.

The brief video shows a gray Google Pixel 6 Pro prototype as it flips around in someone’s hand. We can also see the start-up screen Android 12 will display when you first set up the device. Note that the startup screen is in dark mode instead of the usual light mode, which is fun to see.

Unfortunately, there’s not much new info to glean from this Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video. It does look great, though, and should make people even more excited for the eventual launch. Speaking of which, we are getting fairly confident the launch date could be October 19, which is right around the corner.