AMOLED displays have become the de-facto choice across flagship phones and mid-range phones alike and for good reason too. AMOLED displays allow individual pixels to turn off, letting you enjoy true blacks on the display. It’s great for HDR content and has some battery savings on the side too. But lately, we’ve been seeing the dreaded “green line” issue pop up on smartphones, primarily those with an AMOLED display. But what is the green line issue on Android phones, and how do you fix the green line on your phone’s display? We explore these topics and more in this article.


The green line issue on phones is a hardware problem and cannot be fixed by software. The display of the affected phone needs to be replaced, and such repair can possibly include the display assembly and the motherboard, depending on the phone model. Please get in touch with customer support to initiate a repair. Free repair under warranty may or may not be applicable, depending on the circumstances.