Samsung Galaxy S24 Circle to Search lying on chair

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Many of the ranking factors involved in Google Search’s super-secret algorithm have purportedly leaked.
  • This leak sheds light on how Google Search seemingly operates and which attributes it uses to rank content on the Search Engine Results Page.
  • However, the findings from the leaked document do not align with Google’s statements on these topics over the years.

Update: May 30, 2024 (12:22 AM ET): In a statement shared with The Verge, Google has confirmed in a roundabout way that the leaked documents are real, albeit they could be outdated or incomplete.

We would caution against making inaccurate assumptions about Search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information. We’ve shared extensive information about how Search works and the types of factors that our systems weigh, while also working to protect the integrity of our results from manipulation.