Google Messages Prompt To Update

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Google is rolling out a new way to conduct Google Messages updates.
  • The update notification takes up your entire display and opens every time you start the app.
  • It’s a not-so-subtle way for Google to encourage you to keep Messages up to date.

Keeping your Android apps up to date is important. Not only do updates bring new features, but they also sometimes incorporate new security protocols to keep you and your device safe. However, it looks like Google is now going to take updates very seriously — so seriously that it might just be a huge annoyance.

Let’s take Google Messages updates, for example. For a long time now, if there’s been an update for Messages, you would get a notification about it when you open the app. The notification would take up about half the screen and could be easily closed. Once you close it, that’s it — you wouldn’t get notified about it again until there’s another update.