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Credit: Google
  • Google is releasing its research-oriented AI tool globally, expanding availability beyond the US.
  • The app now uses Gemini 1.5 Pro under the hood, allowing up to 500 sources per project.
  • NotebookLM remains completely free to use, but it’s an experimental project under Google’s AI Labs initiative.

Google is expanding its research-oriented AI tool, NotebookLM, to more than 200 countries and territories beyond the US. Besides wider availability, the search giant has announced that NotebookLM will now be powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro under the hood. The latter is notably Google’s current flagship language model, otherwise only available if you pay $20 per month for a Gemini Advanced subscription.

The latest release of NotebookLM also gains a few new convenient features, such as the option to import new external sources like web URLs and Google Slides presentations. Once imported into a project (or notebook), NotebookLM can reference these sources to answer questions via a chatbot-style interface. Beyond that, it can also create supporting content such as FAQs, study guides, and timelines of events. You can export these as a pinned note within the project or draft your own for future reference.