Android 14 UpsideDownCake

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Rita El Khoury

As I watched Apple’s WWDC keynote unfold yesterday, I kept thinking about how cool it must be to have a slew of new features to discover on all your devices in the span of one day. So many new things to delve into and so many possibilities unlocked with an entirely new version of your phone, tablet, earbuds, computer, and smartwatch’s operating systems. It’s almost like a geeky Christmas in June — or later in the fall if you wait for the stable update to roll out.

Apple’s approach is fundamentally different from Google’s. New features are concentrated into major software updates, with only minor additions or bug fixes during the rest of the year. Google, on the other hand, is always rolling out incremental updates. So much so that the yearly Android version releases feel less and less important with every passing year.