Google Find my Device

Credit: Damien Wilde / Android Authority
  • Code within the Find My Device app suggests that Google is working on adding support for UWB tech to the network.
  • We’ve also found code referencing AR actions, which speculatively ties in nicely with the precision finding feature that UWB tech enables.
  • Neither of these features is currently live and may or may not roll out in the future.

Google’s Find My Device received a sorely delayed but much-needed upgrade recently. You can tap into the omnipresence of Android phones and tablets around you to locate your lost Android device, supercharging the Find My Device network to a scale that rivals and even beats Apple’s Find My network. However, Apple’s Find My network still edges out ahead when it comes to utilizing ultra-wideband (UWB) tech, even though several Android flagships also come with UWB. Google could finally be working on using UWB with Find My Device, and it could also spice it up with an AR upgrade.

Find My Device could soon get UWB support

We’ve located code references in the latest Find My Device v3.1.078-1 app update that indicate Google is working on UWB features.