Google Gemini logo on smartphone stock photo (1)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google released a teaser video showcasing Gemini, its AI chatbot, effortlessly responding to both voice and video inputs.
  • The teaser dropped just hours before OpenAI demonstrated ChatGPT-4o, exhibiting impressive conversational fluency and understanding.

The AI chatbot wars are heating up, with OpenAI and Google locked in an intense battle for dominance. Just hours before Google’s annual I/O conference, the tech giant posted a video showcasing a possibly updated version of the Gemini chatbot, which can be seen processing both live video input and spoken prompts.

The demo, seemingly filmed during the I/O setup, showcased Gemini on a Pixel device, seamlessly processing live video and spoken questions to deliver accurate information. When asked about the ongoing preparations, Gemini identified them as arrangements for a major event.