Google Clock best clock apps for Android

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • The Google Clock app still isn’t triggering alarms as expected.
  • It was updated on Wednesday and now defaults to system sounds if Spotify integration breaks.
  • It seems like a full fix will have to wait.

Google’s official Clock app for Android may still be failing to set off alarms as expected despite a Wednesday update, leaving it a risky choice for people who want to use it to wake up.

The update, 6.4.1, has improved the app in that it will generally default to a stock Android tone if Spotify integration fails, according to Play Store reviews caught by Android Police. Some users are still complaining about missed alarms, however. If they are using the 6.4.1 release, that suggests that Google hasn’t fully patched the issue.

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The glitch seems to have begun with an earlier app update. This prompted a flurry of criticism, culminating in a Reddit post in which Google said it had identified the cause and was preparing a fix. In the interim, it suggested using system sounds for alarms.

A lot of people prefer waking up to their own music, of course, and Spotify hooks would normally make this convenient. Until Google finds a permanent solution, it’s probably safer to use a third-party app.