• RCS message support will roll out to every 911 call center in a gradual process, starting this winter.
  • In addition to texts, you’ll be able to send high-res video and images.
  • There’s even support for automatically sharing location data and opt-in medical info.

As a child, I was taught how to dial 911 from an early age. However, there are many situations where making a phone call might not be the most appropriate or safe option. For example, if your home is invaded, texting could draw less attention than a voice call. Hearing impairment is another scenario where texting could be more effective. While it’s already possible to text 911, this capability will improve dramatically for Google Messages users this winter, thanks to RCS integration.

Currently, only 53% of US 911 call centers can receive text messages, and many of these centers cannot receive pictures or videos. Today, Google announced it is partnering with emergency technology company RapidSOS to upgrade call centers nationwide, ensuring all can support RCS communications.