Google Wallet logo on smartphone next to credit cards and cash Stock photo 12

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Some users are reporting that Google Wallet on Wear OS is demanding PIN code entry before allowing tap-to-pay.
  • It’s possible this feature could be a test, a bug, or in the process of still rolling out.

If you use Google Wallet on Wear OS for tap-to-pay transactions, using the feature could soon become more tedious. The service may start requiring you to enter a PIN code before allowing you to use the quick payment method.

Normally, when using the Google Wallet tap-to-pay function on your smartwatch, you can just tap and go. Unless the device senses that it has separated far enough from your body, then it will ask for PIN. However, some users are reporting that a PIN code prompt is now popping up every time they try to use tap-to-pay, according to 9to5Google.