Google Wallet logo on smartphone next to credit cards and cash Stock photo 2

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google appears to be working on adding e-Passport support to Google Wallet, letting you create an ID pass that you can use at “select TSA checkpoints.”
  • Once you created an ID pass, you will be able to tap your phone to an NFC reader or scan the QR code on your ID pass to present the e-Passport to concerned authorities.
  • This feature is currently not live in Google Wallet, and could be rolled out in the future.

Google Wallet is a mobile payment app that also serves as a digital wallet where you can store your cards, IDs, passes, and other information. Google is working on adding support for e-Passports in Google Wallet, and it could do so in a way that reduces your need to pull it out often, though you’ll still need it around.

Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug spotted a new in-development feature in Google Wallet v24.18.633340707 and Google Play Services v24.20.13 beta. This feature would allow users to add their e-Passports to Google Wallet as an ID pass.