google tv profiles header

Credit: Google
  • Google will soon roll out user profiles to Google TV, allowing each user in the household to have their own personalized space when using the platform.
  • This news comes over a year after Google TV’s debut in September 2020.
  • Ambient mode on Google TV is also getting an update with glanceable cards containing game scores, weather info, news, and more.

Google TV debuted over a year ago. For everything the platform got right — a user-friendly interface, deep Assistant integration, compatibility with other services, and more — there was one glaring omission: individual user profiles. Thankfully, Google has heard our cries and is now doing something about it.

Today, the company announced that individual Google TV profiles are coming soon. Personal profiles allow each member of your household to set up their unique profile within the Google TV interface, allowing them to receive their own TV and movie recommendations and add media to their personal watchlists. Google Assistant will also be available on each profile, which will be tied to the individual’s Google account. This means you’ll receive personalized Assistant recommendations on your Google TV profile, just like you would on any other Assistant-capable device.