• Google TV is adding a new Find my remote feature that helps you locate your lost TV remote.
  • This feature is already available on the new Walmart Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box, but it wasn’t clear if it was exclusive to that device.
  • We discovered references to the same Find my remote feature in the latest beta release of Android 14 for TV, confirming the feature is coming to more Google TV devices in the future.

Google unveiled the latest version of its Android operating system for TVs, Android TV, at last week’s Google I/O developer conference. Android 14 for TV is coming to new Google TV devices, so to give developers time to prepare for the release, Google pushed an updated Google TV emulator build with the latest changes they announced last week. While digging through the update, we discovered references to a new “Find my remote” feature that’ll help you locate your misplaced Google TV remote.

TV remotes can be pretty small and easy to misplace, which is why a “Find my remote” feature has long been requested by users. When Walmart launched its new Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box earlier this month, early users were surprised to find that it included a built-in remote finder. As reported by AFTVNews, there’s a tiny button on the front of the Onn Google TV 4K Pro box that, when pressed, triggers the remote finder feature. The Onn’s remote will then beep and flash a tiny LED light for 30 seconds if it’s within 30 feet of the streaming box.