Google Pixel Fold laying on screen on a blue table 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • You will be able to conduct a Google Pixel Fold repair yourself using official parts and tools.
  • As with other “normal” Pixels, you can work with iFixit and Google to fix your Pixel Fold.
  • This is a first for a foldable, as Samsung still limits foldable repairs to professionals.

Despite significant advancements in the durability of foldable phones, the fact remains that foldables are not as reliably strong as “normal” phones. On top of their fragile nature, foldable phones are more complicated from an engineering perspective, making them tougher to fix. This is probably why Samsung — the foldable smartphone king — still forces consumers to use professional services for Galaxy Z repairs.

However, today we’ve learned that Google is not going that route with its first foldable (via 9to5Google). You heard that right: a Google Pixel Fold repair will not need a professional service team. As with a regular Pixel, an iPhone, or a Galaxy device that doesn’t fold, you can fix the Pixel Fold yourself using official tools and spare parts sourced from the manufacturer. In this case, Google’s trusted partner iFixit will be the destination for getting started with a Pixel Fold repair.