Google Search on smartphone stock photo (3)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google has announced plans to test Search and Shopping ads within AI Overviews (SGE) for US users.
  • AI Overviews use AI to condense relevant information and eliminate the need to visit external links.
  • AI Overviews have been rolled out to all US users, and a wider global release is expected soon.

Google has already rolled out AI-powered search results, known as AI Overviews or Search Generative Experience (SGE), to all users in the United States. SGE aims to provide direct answers and summaries to search queries, potentially changing how users find information online. And now, Google is adding ads to it.

With SGE, Google’s AI condenses relevant information, eliminating the need for users to visit external links. While the convenience of immediate answers is a clear advantage, there are valid concerns about whether users can fully trust Google’s AI for information and the potential for misinformation if summaries are inaccurate or incomplete.