• This week, Google removed the public listing for the Google Pixel 6a at the Google Store.
  • Even if you try to visit the URL directly, it forwards you to the Pixel 7a listing.
  • This move happened as the expected Pixel 8a launch drew near.

In 2022, Google launched the first budget phone in its refreshed Pixel line-up, an era that began with the Pixel 6. The Google Pixel 6a, as its name suggests, took the design and primary specs from the Pixel 6 but shaved off the premium features to keep the price lower. Since then, Google’s launched its successor, the Pixel 7a.

At some point this week, though, Google has removed the Pixel 6a from the official Google Store (via Droid-Life). The phone does not appear on any pages and if you try to visit its previous URL, the site simply auto-forwards you to the listing for the newer, better Pixel 7a.