Google Search on smartphone stock photo (3)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google seems to have quietly rolled out AI image generation for Notes.
  • The feature lets the user create and add an AI-generated image to the background of their note.
  • It appears the feature is available in both the US and India.

Last year, back in November, Google announced the debut of a new opt-in experiment for Search called Notes. This feature gives users the ability to write brief comments about an article they can share with others. These notes can also be dressed up with stickers, text, and background photos. Now it appears users are being given the option to create and use AI-generated images for their Notes background.

First spotted by TheSpAndroid, it appears Google has quietly rolled out the ability to create background images for Notes with the company’s generative AI. When it was first announced, the tech giant said the feature would come to the US first. But it appears the rollout happened simultaneously for the US and India.