Google Play Store logo on smartphone stock photo (4)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google has mandated apps that create user accounts to also allow for account and data deletion within the app and through the web. The enforcement deadline for app developers is May 31, 2024.
  • Ahead of the deadline, the “Account deletion available” badge is now live in the Google Play Store within app listings. It highlights how you can request that your data or account be deleted.
  • This makes it easy to easily delete app accounts and data without needing to reinstall an uninstalled app.

Last year, Google introduced a new rule for the Google Play Store, targeting apps that enable app account creation. If an app allows an account to be created, then the developer is mandated to allow the account to be deleted within the app and through the web for the app to remain listed on the Play Store. Google mentioned that Play Store will show these data deletion practices in listings “early next year,” and these changes are now finally going live for users.

Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug spotted that the Google Play Store has begun surfacing the “Account deletion available” badge in the Data Safety section within the App listings.