Pixel 8a Charging

Credit: Paul Jones / Android Authority

Google’s mid-range smartphones have been exceptionally well-rounded for the past couple of years, and the Pixel 8a improves upon that already excellent value proposition. It even veers close to the mainline Pixel 8 in many areas. However, Google has historically maintained a few degrees of separation between its flagship and affordable lines. So, does the Pixel 8a’s budget heritage shine through in aspects such as charging speed and battery life? We’ve conducted extensive real-world testing to find out.

Pixel 8a series battery and charging specs

Google Pixel 8a
Battery capacity 4,492 mAh
Wired charging 18W wired charging, USB-PD
Wired charging times 25%: 14 minutes
50%: 32 minutes
75%: 54 minutes
100%: 100 minutes
Wireless charging 7.5W wireless charging, Qi
Charging adapter Not included in-box, sold separately

Pixel 8a battery life: What to expect?

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