Google Pixel 6 Pro Hands On Prototype

Credit: Twitter
  • Another leak of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 has been posted on YouTube, focusing on the Pixel 6 Pro camera.
  • The post includes photos and video clips taken from the camera.
  • The phone is still expected to launch sometime in mid-October.

As we wait patiently for Google to finally give us the official low down on what the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can do, more leaks of this highly anticipated smartphone continue to find their way to the internet. The latest leak shows off photos and images take from a Pixel 6 Pro.

The new Pixel 6 Pro camera leak comes via M. Brandon Lee of the This is Tech Today YouTube channel. He’s been a reliable source of leaks of late, and this Pixel 6 camera info apparently comes from an unidentified source in Nigeria. The source got access to a Pixel 6 Pro and took some photos and videos with the smartphone’s camera. Lee pointed out that the images and clips were taken with pre-production software with a source that is not a professional photographer.