Google Photos logo on smartphone next to other devices and picture frame Stock photo 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google Photos is working on a new “Show less” option that will hide unwanted faces from surfacing Memories, without completely blocking them from being visible in group photos.
  • This feature appears to be a milder version of the “Block face” option.
  • The “Show less” option is not currently live in Google Photos, and will possibly be available in a future release.

Google Photos has several neat features that make it one of the best photo storage apps around. The service has an uncanny ability to spot faces, and it gets it right most of the time, even in very challenging situations. These faces are then used for several features, like People Search and Memories. But sometimes, as your life evolves, you’d want to see less of some faces, especially in Memories. Google Photos is preparing to make that happen, giving you more control of which faces you see regularly through the Memories feature.

Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug spotted an upcoming feature in Google Photos v6.81.0.628906483. You will soon be able to use a “Show less” option to have a face not show up in your Memories but still be visible in your group photos. This appears to be a milder version of the “Block face” option, which makes faces completely disappear from Memories and group photos.