Google Nest Cam Wired Review Retail Box Contents

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Google Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell users are facing an outage, with devices appearing as offline in the Google Home app.
  • Users in Europe appear to be primarily affected.
  • Some users are able to view video recordings received through notifications.

Google’s Nest Cam has become fairly popular among smart home owners as it made smart security cameras accessible to the masses under a reputed brand. The Google Nest Doorbell had a similar story, as it is the first completely wireless doorbell solution from Google, making it accessible for people who want to dip into the smart home ecosystem. However, if you use either of these products, there’s a chance they aren’t working well for the past few hours, and you may be confused about why that is so.

We’ve spotted several reports on Reddit and Twitter from users who are complaining that their Google Nest Cam cameras and Google Nest Doorbells are showing a “Device offline” error. Users are unable to view the feeds within the Google Home app, although some users have been able to receive notifications that contain recorded videos. Most of these complaints appear to be from users in Europe and UK.