samsung galaxy watch navigation google maps icon

Credit: Andy Walker / Android Authority
  • Google Maps and Google Keep have dropped support for Wear OS 2.
  • The app is no longer reachable when viewing the Play Store from a Wear OS 2 smartwatch.
  • Google Maps is still operational on devices that already have it installed.

Google is a company that’s not afraid to pull app support when it wants to. Just last month, the tech giant announced it was sunsetting Chrome browser support for Windows 7 and 8.1. Now the company has pulled Google Maps and Google Keep support from Wear OS 2 devices.

While you were enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, a Reddit user noticed that they could not find Google Keep in the Play Store while using their Wear OS 2 smartwatch. It turned out that the app had dropped support for Wear OS 2 and says “Does not work on your device,” when viewing the web/mobile version of the listing.