• Android 15 will let you set a default note-taking app that can be launched from the lock screen.
  • The default note-taking app can use Android’s content capture API to let users capture all or part of the screen for insertion into a note.
  • Google actually introduced the note-taking role as a developer preview in Android 14 but will likely roll it out in Android 15.

Because of their large screens, Android tablets are fantastic devices to jot down notes, especially if you have a keyboard or stylus. However, on many Android tablets, launching a note-taking app like Google Keep requires unlocking the device first, which can slow down your productivity. Fortunately, Android will soon make it easier to quickly take notes on your tablet. The upcoming Android 15 update will let you set a default note-taking app that can not only be launched from the lock screen but can also insert screen grabs.

At last month’s Google I/O developer conference, the company held a presentation where it shared tips on how developers can “increase user productivity with large screens & accessories.” During this presentation, Miguel Montemayor, a Developer Relations Engineer for Android, talked about the “new Notes role” in Android. As he explained, the Notes roles let users quickly access their favorite note-taking app from any screen so they can jot down ideas or take notes without switching apps.